Hall’s Island

Reconstruction of an historic island will enhance the Mississippi River’s ecological function, restore habitat and provide unique river access.


Part of a concept design for Hall's Island and the Scherer Site.

Hall's Island, as viewed from the Plymouth Avenue Bridge in August 2016.

Project partners at a media event Oct. 24, 2017.

Project Details

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City: Minneapolis

Type: MWMO Capital Project

Status: Active

Timeline: 2017-2018

MWMO Funding: $1.5 million

Partners: Barr EngineeringMinneapolis Park and Recreation Board; Minneapolis Parks Foundation; Veit; Wetland Habitat Restorations

Staff Contact:
Marcy Bean, PLA
Capital Projects and Stewardship Specialist
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The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board is leading a team to reconstruct Hall’s Island, which was destroyed by industrial development in the 1960s. The MWMO is one of several partners helping to fund the restoration of the island, which will provide a unique new park amenity and a rich source of habitat along the Mississippi River.

Located just north of the Plymouth Avenue Bridge, the site is being excavated to create a new back channel that will re-separate the island from the mainland. In the process, 1,000 linear feet of armored shoreline will be transformed into nearly 3,000 feet of habitat-rich shoreline. The new island will feature a diverse array of native vegetation to support local wildlife and provide a safe stopover for birds migrating along the Mississippi Flyway.

The reconstruction of Hall’s Island is a priority in the RiverFirst Initiative — part of a long-term vision to transform the Minneapolis riverfront from a degraded industrial zone to a welcoming destination that combines public access with ecological benefits. It’s also the first step in a larger MPRB project to build a new public park at the site, which was formerly owned by the Scherer Brothers Lumber Company.

When completed, the restored island will stretch from the northern edge of the Scherer site to just south of the Plymouth Avenue Bridge. The iconic Boom Island Lighthouse will become a part of Halls’ Island. The channel between the island and the Scherer Site will be approximately 120 feet to 150 feet wide and 6 feet deep, depending on river conditions.

Scherer Brothers purchased Hall’s Island from the City of Minneapolis in 1963. The company filled in the channel to connect the island to the shore and then paved over the land for industrial use. MPRB bought the entire riverfront site in 2010, later demolishing the buildings and remediating contaminated soils on the property.

The restoration of Hall’s Island is expected to be completed by summer 2018. In addition to the island, the vision for the future park features a gravel beach, boat rental and storage for paddlers, a park-supportive cafe pavilion, and terraced gathering spaces. Two pedestrian bridges are planned to connect Hall’s Island to the mainland.

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