River of Ideas, the MWMO Podcast

River of Ideas is the official MWMO podcast. In it, we talk about greener cities and cleaner water through science and urban planning. We cover topics like green infrastructure, water quality, landscape design, ecology, environmental policy, and environmental justice. 

River of Ideas is produced entirely in-house by MWMO staff, and recorded on-location at the MWMO Stormwater Park and Learning Center in northeast Minneapolis.

Have an idea for a future podcast topic or guest? Reach out to us at contacts@mwmo.org.

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Nick Busse — Video Production, Co-Host
Akadia Johnson — Audio Production
Abby Moore — Co-Host

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Finding Nature in the City: Twin Cities’ Best River Adventures | River of Ideas, Episode 03

In this River of Ideas podcast episode, hosts Nick and Abby share their favorite places to explore and things to do along the Mississippi River in Minneapolis and St. Paul. From biking scenic trails, hiking rugged paths, and kayaking peaceful waters, to immersing yourself in the rich natural beauty of the one and only Mississippi River Gorge, this episode is packed with inspiration and insider tips.

Audio Version

Jennifer Ehlert: Creating Resilient Urban Yards with Metro Blooms | River of Ideas, Episode 02

In this episode of River of Ideas, we sit down with Jen Ehlert, Vice President of Metro Blooms Design + Build to talk about designing sustainable urban landscapes. We discuss the history of Metro Blooms and the Blue Thumb education and outreach program and delve into some practical advice for homeowners looking to enhance their properties with native plants and rain gardens. Jen also shares her personal journey into landscape architecture and her passion for integrating ecological design into everyday landscapes.

Audio Version

Sarah Nassif: Using Art to Connect People with Nature | River of Ideas, Episode 01

For our first episode of River of Ideas, we sit down with MWMO Artist-in-Residence Sarah Nassif to talk about her upbringing, her evolution from naturalist to artist, and how her Weaving Water workshops helped foster a sense of community in a troubled time.

Audio Version