Citizen Advisory Committee

The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization’s Citizen Advisory Committee is composed of volunteers who provide guidance and oversight of the MWMO. Citizen advisors review the MWMO’s annual budget, make recommendations on grant proposals and assist with planning, outreach and other activities.

The CAC meets at the request of the MWMO Board of Commissioners (typically three times per year). Appointment to the CAC is for one year and is renewable annually.

Brochure Download our CAC brochure (PDF).

Become a Citizen Advisor

If you care about water quality in the Mississippi River and have a desire to learn how stormwater is managed in the Twin Cities, joining the CAC is a great way to get involved.

There are currently several open seats on the CAC. The MWMO is accepting applications for new advisors for the seats listed as “Open” below.

Preference is given to applicants who are:

  1. Residents of the MWMO
  2. Residents of a subwatershed flowing into the MWMO
  3. An employer or employee in the MWMO
  4. An employer or employee from a subwatershed flowing into the MWMO

Up to two at-large positions may be filled by residents outside the MWMO’s boundary. People with diverse expertise and background outside of water resources are encouraged to apply (education, business, etc.).

How To Apply

  1. Review the CAC Policy and Code of Conduct (see below).
  2. Complete the CAC Application (see below).
  3. Obtain a letter of support from your city, neighborhood or civic organization to send in with the application. Include a resume or curriculum vitae with your application.

Applications are accepted year-round and open positions may be filled during the year. Applications to replace incumbents are due by Dec. 15. Applications are reviewed by the MWMO staff and the MWMO Executive Committee and are approved by the MWMO Board of Commissioners.


  1. CAC Volunteer Position Description (PDF, 0.1 MB, 2 pages)
  2. CAC Policy and Code of Conduct (PDF, 0.2 MB, 4 pages)
  3. CAC Application Form (DOCX, 4.5 MB, 3 pages)

Current Membership

At-Large Positions

  1. Allison Graper (Minneapolis)
  2. Mary Fitzgerald (Minneapolis)
  3. Sam Westlund (Minneapolis)
  4. Open
  5. Open

*At-large representatives cannot all be from the same city.

Columbia Heights

  1. Sarah Evenson


  1. Open


  1. Open


  1. Open


  1. Akia Vang (North)
  2. Perry Dean (Northeast)
  3. Open (South)
  4. Open (Southwest)
  5. Gareth Becker (Downtown)

Saint Anthony Village

  1. Lona Doolan

Saint Paul

  1. Jared Langer

Meeting Minutes


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