Minnesota Water Stewards

Are you concerned about water pollution? Is there a drainage problem in your neighborhood that you want to fix? Want to get off the sidelines and make real change?

You don’t have to be an expert — we’ll show you the way! The Minnesota Water Stewards* program is a great opportunity to learn how to solve environmental problems in your community and find a local network of energized leaders.

What Minnesota Water Stewards Do

  • Assess Watersheds — Identify pollution sources and create strategies for reducing pollutants.
  • Educate Communities — Help neighbors understand the most pressing environmental problems in their area.
  • Reduce Pollutants — Work with communities to target pollution sources such as pet waste, fertilizer or pesticides.
  • Coordinate Action — Help communities reduce polluted runoff by coordinating the installation of raingardens, rainbarrels and other rainscaping techniques.

Learn more about the Minnesota Water Stewards program and apply online to join.

*The Minnesota Water Stewards program was formerly known as Master Water Stewards. Any videos or other promotional materials referencing “Master Water Stewards” are referring to the renamed Minnesota Water Stewards program.


Abby Moore
Training and Community Learning Specialist
amoore@mwmo.org or 612-746-4981