Weaving Water

Weaving Water is a project that seeks to engage the public in community building through craft and connection with water.

Artist and botanist Sarah Nassif will connect community members with the Mississippi River watershed through a series of hands-on fiber art workshops that will pose the question, “Where am I within the system?” Nassif facilitates creatives experiences that allow people to connect and consider complex systems while working with their hands.

Fiber crafts integrate water usage at multiple stages: from fiber preparation and cleaning, to dyeing, to manufacturing cloth, and including its maintenance through washing. As modern living separates us from nature and as the pandemic continues to keep people separated from one another, Weaving Water presents an opportunity to come together to process our experiences while we process fiber, strengthen community bonds while creating cloth, and create a beautiful collaborative artwork that captures a portrait of this time.

See the Exhibit

The exhibit, Personal Watersheds, is on view at Stormwater Park and Learning Center from June 18, to September 16, 2022.

Personal Watersheds features artist Sarah Nassif’s solo work in fiber and video, her Weaving Water community collaborations and a working indigo dye and fiber art studio. Throughout the gallery space, community-made fiber art works become chair backs, tuffets, wall hangings and decoration.

The gallery is filled with various fiber art materials like yarn, wool and cloth, and tools you can use to make things to add to the exhibit. Everything in the exhibit is designed to help us connect with how water supports us through the manufacturing and coloring of cloth. Add some stitches to the big blue quilt. Try your hand at weaving on the SAORI loom. Grab a book and lounge chair and get inspired indoors or outside by the river.

You are welcome to drop in anytime during MWMO public open hours Tuesday–Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Making a reservation allows us to ensure that the doors are open for you when you arrive. Should the door be locked during open hours, please ring the doorbell.

Sarah Nassif
Sarah Nassif
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Engagement Opportunities

Sarah and her crew of dedicated volunteers will host workshops and open studios throughout the summer. Please continue to check this page for dates and information about how you can get involved.

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Sarah Nassif is a self-taught social-practice artist living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She received her B.S. in Botany from the University of Washington in 1997 and worked in environmental education, urban forestry, and data analysis before becoming an artist. In her community-engaged art projects, Sarah Nassif connects people, plants, and place through sensory exploration of natural and human-built environments, hands-on skills practice, and person-to-person sharing.

Website: sarahnassif.com
Instagram: @sarahjnassif