Weaving Water

Weaving Water is an ongoing art project engaging the public through fiber hand craft, storytelling and connection with water. Created by MWMO Community Artist in Residence Sarah Nassif, Weaving Water encourages us to see ourselves as vital parts of our watershed system through play with fiber, natural indigo dye and cloth traditions from around the world.
Weaving Water Showcase

Weaving Water Workshops

Weaving Water Workshops provide hands-on indigo and fiber art experiences for groups of all sizes. Partnering with guest artists and communities across the watershed, Nassif designs each Weaving Water Workshop as a platform for participants to

  • Connect: Bring together intergenerational and diverse community to share about our unique connections to the Mississippi River.
  • Create: Try out fiber art skills like spinning, weaving, and sewing and create beautiful indigo hand-dyed textiles to take home or add to a collaborative fiber artwork.
  • Share: Share our unique stories about water and cloth to build community and understanding.

Workshops take place year-round. Sign up for details about upcoming projects and appearances or to inquire about bringing a Weaving Water Workshop to your community.

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Past Events

Beginning in October 2021, the MWMO has hosted more than a dozen different events ranging from stitching dream pillows while hearing stories of the Mississippi River Black Experience with guest artist Amoke Kubat to building an organic indigo vat with indigo farmer Judy Saye-Willis to felting a larger than life woolen vagus nerve mural, now on view in the MWMO lobby.

If you have attended any workshops, we’d love to hear your Weaving Water story. You can share your story and photos here. A huge thank you to the many guest artists who have partnered with us to bring a wide variety of programs to hundreds of watershed residents and visitors.


Check out our interview with Sarah on the MWMO’s River of Ideas podcast!

Sarah Nassif
Sarah Nassif


Sarah Nassif is a self-taught social-practice artist living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She received her B.S. in Botany from the University of Washington in 1997 and worked in environmental education, urban forestry, and data analysis before becoming an artist. In her community-engaged art projects, Sarah Nassif connects people, plants, and place through sensory exploration of natural and human-built environments, hands-on skills practice, and person-to-person sharing.

Sarah serves as Artist in Residence at MWMO. Since October 2021, Sarah’s workshops and art projects have drawn community back into conversations about how each of us can support clean water, care for the river, and share our knowledge in our own communities creatively.

Website: sarahnassif.com
Instagram: @sarahjnassif