Stevenson Ravine

Restoring this 220-foot ravine behind Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School stopped the flow of sediment into Mississippi River backwaters.

Project Details

City: Fridley

Type: MWMO Capital Project

Status: Completed

Timeline: 2014

MWMO Funding: $130,000

Partners: Fridley Public Schools, City of Fridley, Anoka County Parks

Staff Contact:

Dan Kalmon, AICP
Planning Principal
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Nancy Stowe
Projects and Outreach Director
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This ravine behind the Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School in Fridley was discharging sediment into the backwaters of the Mississippi River. The MWMO and its partners restored the 220-ft. long ravine in 2014. The project installed a series of connected stormwater treatments — called a “treatment train” — to capture, absorb and clean stormwater runoff before it can reach the river.

Like most MWMO projects, the Stevenson Ravine restoration has an educational purpose as well. An outdoor classroom seating area allows students to observe lectures and witness the flow of stormwater runoff from the schoolyard into the ravine. The City of Fridley will assist the school in maintaining the site, which will allow students the opportunity to learn about public works and the role it plays in protecting clean water. The restored site also provides wildlife habitat.