The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization is committed to protecting, managing and improving water resources and habitat within our watershed. Planning is an integral part of our work and informs all of our projects and programs.

Like other watershed management organizations, the MWMO has a comprehensive watershed management plan that has been developed to guide our staff and commissioners in the implementation of watershed goals. The plan sets out goals, strategies, and implementation actions based on past studies and current data on the status of the water and natural resources of our watershed.

In addition to the comprehensive plan, MWMO staff work on planning initiatives for any number of large-scale or strategically important projects to protect water quality and habitat. These planning initiatives start three to five years ahead of construction, and usually involve close collaboration with our member cities and other partners.

The MWMO proactively seeks out future opportunities for stormwater management that fit with the desired land use of the redevelopment occurring. These efforts result in designs that serve multiple purposes and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our work to reduce flooding and improve water quality and habitat.

Planning Initiatives

Northeast Stormwater Management Initiative

The MWMO is collaborating with the City of Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and other partners on a project to mitigate flooding, prevent polluted runoff and improve the ecology in Northeast Minneapolis. Using detailed computer models, the partners have prioritized a number of potential projects to mitigate stormwater problems in the area.

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Old Bassett Creek Tunnel

Old Bassett Creek Tunnel is a 1.5-mile stormwater tunnel that extends under the North Loop, Near North, and Harrison Neighborhoods of Minneapolis. The MWMO and the City of Minneapolis are working together to remove sediment and debris from the tunnel and explore opportunities for improvements that will help protect water quality in the Mississippi River.

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Towerside District Stormwater Management

Towerside, The MSP Innovation District, is the region’s first designated innovation district — a 370-acre, rapidly redeveloping area on the border between Minneapolis and St. Paul. The MWMO is working with Towerside members to guide and assist individual developers in the region towards a shared social, environmental, and economic vision.

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Watershed Management Plan

The MWMO’s comprehensive watershed management plan sets out goals, strategies and implementation actions based on past studies and current data on the watershed. It informs local watershed management plans (for communities within the MWMO watershed) and is updated every 10 years in accordance with state law.

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