From the basics of how a watershed works to the impacts of climate change on stormwater infrastructure, we can help you learn about a variety of water related topics.

Educational Programs

The MWMO offers a variety of education and outreach programs to help people learn more about our work and how we can all work together to protect water quality and habitat in and around the Mississippi River.

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Find Your Watershed

Type in your address and our interactive map will tell you whether you’re in the MWMO watershed. (You can also find this tool on our homepage.)

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Good Neighbor Guide

The Good Neighbor Guide is an educational booklet developed by the MWMO. Designed for residents in urban areas, it explains how individuals can take action in their own yard and community to help make sure we all have clean water.

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Preventing Water Pollution

In order to protect our water quality, we need to prevent polluted stormwater runoff from reaching the Mississippi River and other waterbodies. We can accomplish this using a wide variety of tools and actions — from raingardens to yard care practices.

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Watershed and Stormwater Basics

A primer on all the fundamentals of urban stormwater runoff, including information on watersheds and the water cycle, urban water pollutants, and climate change.

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Visit Us

The MWMO’s Stormwater Park and Learning Center offers visitors the chance to experience a living laboratory of green infrastructure along the Mississippi River.

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