Board of Commissioners

The MWMO’s Board of Commissioners is its governing body. The board has ultimate decision-making authority over the MWMO’s projects, programs, staffing and budget.

There are seven voting MWMO commissioners — one from each of the MWMO’s member communities. The city council or governing body from each member community appoints a commissioner to the MWMO in accordance with state law.

Board Meetings

The MWMO Board of Commissioners generally meets every other month. A full list of upcoming meetings can be found on our events page.

Meeting agendas and documents are posted on the relevant event pages within one week of the meeting date. You can also subscribe to email updates about upcoming board meetings. For questions or concerns, contact us at or 612-465-8780.


Stephen Eggert, Chair

Represents: City of Fridley
MWMO Commissioner Profile
Homepage (City of Fridley)
Alternate: Tom Tilberry

Randy Stille, Vice Chair

Represents: City of Saint Anthony Village
MWMO Commissioner Profile
Homepage (City of St. Anthony Village)
Alternate: Jan Jenson

LaTrisha Vetaw, Treasurer

Represents: City of Minneapolis
MWMO Commissioner Profile
Homepage (City of Minneapolis)
Alternate: Michael Rainville

Connie Buesgens

Represents: City of Columbia Heights & Hilltop
MWMO Commissioner Profile
Homepage (City of Columbia Heights)
Alternate: Bertha Risdahl

Jeffrey Dains

Represents: City of Lauderdale
MWMO Commissioner Profile
Homepage (City of Lauderdale)
Alternate: Mary Gaasch

Billy Menz

Represents: Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
MWMO Commissioner Profile (Coming Soon…)
Homepage (Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board)
Alternate: Becka Thompson (profile)

Mike Lukes

Represents: City of Saint Paul
MWMO Commissioner Profile
Alternate: Vacant

Final Board Meeting Minutes

Board-approved meeting minutes are available on this site. To view unapproved minutes of recently held meetings, please call for an appointment (612-465-8780) and come to the MWMO Stormwater Park and Learning Center to request to see the minutes.

Final Meeting Minutes – February 21, 2023
Final Meeting Minutes – January 10, 2023
Final Meeting Minutes – November 8, 2022
Final Meeting Minutes – September 13, 2022
Final Meeting Minutes – July 12, 2022
Final Meeting Minutes – May 10, 2022
Final Meeting Minutes – April 20, 2022
Final Meeting Minutes – March 14, 2022
Final Meeting Minutes – January 11, 2022
Final Meeting Minutes – November 9, 2021
Final Meeting Minutes – September 14, 2021
Final Meeting Minutes – July 13, 2021
Final Meeting Minutes – May 11, 2021
Final Meeting Minutes – March 9, 2021
Final Meeting Minutes – January 12, 2021
Final Meeting Minutes – November 10, 2020
Final Meeting Minutes – October 13, 2020
Final Meeting Minutes – September 8, 2020
Final Meeting Minutes – July 14, 2020
Final Meeting Minutes – May 12, 2020
Final Meeting Minutes – March 10, 2020
Final Meeting Minutes – January 14, 2020


For questions or more information, please contact the MWMO at or 612-465-8780.