Stewardship Fund Grants

Stewardship Fund Grants support public efforts to manage stormwater, control pollution, and improve water quality and habitat.

Please visit for past project examples. These examples are provided simply as general ideas and are not meant to limit the possibilities or creativity of applicants. The MWMO welcomes all creative project ideas that meet the three Stewardship Fund Grant purposes.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to read our Eligibility Requirements and contact the MWMO and/or attend an information session to discuss ideas and ask questions in advance of submitting an application.

This grant process is competitive, meaning not all projects submitted to the MWMO will be funded.

Stewardship Fund Grants At a Glance


Community Grant

Planning Grant

Action Grant

Brief SummaryAvailable for short-term or small-scale water quality projects.Assistance in creating a plan for a water quality or habitat projects.Assistance in completion of a water quality or habitat project, typically significant in scope and cost. Project must be ready to implement as soon as grant funds are awarded.
Grant Purpose #1Develop partnerships with community organizations
Grant Purpose #2Protect or improve quality of water, habitat, and natural resources
Grant Purpose #3Build community understanding, knowledge, and initiative related to water, habitat, and natural resource issues and solutions
Eligible Applicant*Nonprofits, business and professional associations, officially recognized neighborhood groups, schools, and local units of government
Eligible Location*Inside the MWMO watershed boundary. Check your location here
Eligible Expenses*All funding must be used toward stormwater-related project components. This may include staff time, consultant costs, contractor costs, materials and supplies, postage, printing, travel, or facility rental.Staff time, consultant costs, contractor costs, construction materials specific to the stormwater management features being constructed.
Amount of Funding AvailableUp to $5,000Up to $20,000Up to $50,000
Fund Match RequiredNone25 percent25 percent
Application Timeline (see due dates below)Two rounds per year. Application to receipt of funds takes ~3 months.Two rounds per year. Application to receipt of funds takes ~3 months.Two rounds per year. Application to receipt of funds takes ~3 months.
Project CompletionMust be completed within one (1) year from date of signed contract
Project Evaluation and Reporting RequirementsRegular updates to MWMO staff, project photos, expense receipts, and deliverables per grant contract that show the project met the three Grant Purposes listed above.
MWMO Contact PersonAdam Flett Adam Flett Adam Flett

*For specifics on eligibility, see Eligibility Requirements

More Information

Eligibility Requirements
Grantee Resources
Stewardship Fund Grants Brochure (PDF, 1 MB, 2 pages)