A woman and child clearing debris out of a stormdrain.
Adopting a stormdrain is one of the simplest and most direct ways to help protect water quality in your community. Sign up today at

Stormdrains flow directly to local lakes, rivers, and wetlands, acting as a conduit for trash and organic pollutants. The Adopt-a-Drain program asks residents to adopt a stormdrain in their neighborhood and keep it clear of leaves, trash, and other debris to reduce water pollution. Volunteer fifteen minutes, twice a month, for cleaner waterways and healthier communities.

How It Works

  1. Sign up online to Adopt a Drain in your neighborhood.
  2. Sweep leaves, trash and other debris off the drain surface year round.
  3. Keep an estimated total of the debris you collect and enter it into your online account so we can gauge the cumulative results of our work.
  4. Let friends and neighbors know about your commitment and, if they ask, tell them about small things they can do at home to prevent water pollution.
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