Capital Project Grants

Capital project grants are designed to support final engineering and construction of large-scale, innovative projects that protect or improve water quality and habitat within the MWMO watershed. The MWMO provides both technical and financial assistance to eligible projects. (Smaller-scale projects may be eligible for a Stewardship Fund Grant. For past project examples, see our Projects section and filter by project type.)


Capital project grants are intended for large-scale projects either on public land within an MWMO member community or on (preferably publicly accessible) within the MWMO’s boundaries.

Eligible projects include those that: 1) provide public benefits in terms of improved stormwater management or habitat enhancements, and 2) would not happen but for MWMO’s funding and guidance to move forward a project highly beneficial to the public. Funds cannot be used to fund project components required by a regulating authority.

Examples of projects not eligible for MWMO Capital Improvement Project funds include: paving (impervious roads, trails), maintaining or replacing pipes or other gray infrastructure (if this is the main focus of the project), road reconstruction projects with status-quo stormwater design, or projects on private property without a demonstrable public benefit.

Project Priorities

The MWMO will look for alignment with its mission, watershed management plan goals, learning and education potential, and water quality standards. Projects awarded funding through this grant program typically provide one or more of the following benefits: improved water quality, surface water rate and volume control, water conservation, increased habitat connectivity and restoration of natural areas, stabilization of eroding riverbanks, and improvement of riparian habitat using bio-engineering techniques. The MWMO also values technological advancement of innovative stormwater management solutions that are cost-effective and can be replicated in other areas of the watershed.


The MWMO funding request should be a minimum of $50,000. Capital Project Grants awarded in the past have been as high as $750,000, with an average of about $370,000. Projects under $50,000 may potentially be referred to the Stewardship Fund Grant program. Final budgets are dependent on final bids and are subject to MWMO review and approval.

How to Apply

Applications for capital project grants are submitted through the Capital Improvement Project Grant Application (DOC, 8 MB, 7 pages). See also the Capital Project Grants Budget Template (XLS, 0.4 MB, 1 page).

Also, please review the Application Guidance Document (PDF, 0.1 MB, 4 pages).

The deadline for the next application cycle is Friday, April 23, 2021, by 4:30 p.m. Please use the subject line “Capital Project Grant Application” in your email.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the MWMO as soon as possible to discuss their potential project and its eligibility for the grant program. Early coordination with the MWMO is valuable for ensuring sufficient information is available to move forward with a project. Technical guidance on eligible projects is available year-round.


Alicia Beattie
Capital Projects and Stewardship Specialist
612-746-4989 or