Capital Project Grants

Capital project grants are designed to support large-scale, innovative stormwater management projects that protect or improve water quality and habitat within the MWMO watershed. The MWMO provides both technical and financial assistance to eligible projects.


Capital project grants are intended for large-scale projects that advance stormwater management technologies and/or attain the MWMO’s high standards for water quality treatment. Successful projects will meet or exceed the MWMO’s water quality standards on multi-acre sites or showcase an innovative approach to urban stormwater management. (Smaller-scale projects may be eligible for a Stewardship Fund Grant.)

Eligible projects include those that are either implemented on public land within an MWMO member community or implemented on private property and able to show a demonstrable public benefit. MWMO funds are reserved for project components that are above-and-beyond typical stormwater management. Funds cannot be used to fund project components that are required by a regulating authority.

In addition to water management, the MWMO underscores habitat improvement and restoration projects, as well as those projects specific to riverbank stabilization and erosion control.

How to Apply

Applications for capital project grants are submitted through the Capital Improvement Project Grant Application (DOCX, 5 MB, 5 pages). The deadline for the next application cycle is yet to be determined, as the program is currently being updated. Applicants are encouraged to contact the MWMO as soon as possible to discuss their potential project and ensure sufficient information is available for completing the application. Technical guidance on eligible projects is available year-round.


Brett Eidem
Project Planning and Implementation Specialist or 612-746-4983