Project Resources

This page has resources for individuals and organizations working to develop or complete projects to protect and improve water quality, habitat, and natural resources. The resources can be a reference for Stewardship Fund, Capital Project, Minnesota Water Steward projects, or other project types.

Promoting Your Project

The tools below will help you promote your project while correctly giving MWMO funding credit.

MWMO Funding Credit Guidelines

When communicating about your project, whether through the web, social media or printed materials, please acknowledge the MWMO’s contribution by crediting us as a funder or partner on the project.

For example, if you’re putting out a news release or event flyer related to your project, you might include a statement like “Funding for this project was provided by the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization.”

If there is an appropriate space to put our logo and/or website address (, please consider adding those too.

If you have questions about how to properly credit the MWMO in your communications or educational materials, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


This is the standard, service-marked MWMO logo that may be used to provide recognition to the MWMO where appropriate.

JPEG – Small (424 x 505, RGB, 72 dpi, 87 KB)

JPEG – Large (1763 x 2100, RGB, 300 dpi, 400 KB)

MWMO logo


This is the standard, service-marked MWMO logo that may be used to provide recognition to the MWMO where appropriate.

JPEG – Small (424 x 505, RGB, 72 dpi, 87 KB)

JPEG – Large (1763 x 2100, RGB, 300 dpi, 400 KB)

The MWMO logo is also available in alternative file formats, layouts and colors that may be suitable for special uses. Contact the MWMO’s communications principal if you need access to these files.

Photo Release Waivers

When taking photos or videos of people, it’s important to get their permission first, and to clearly communicate who you are, why you’re capturing their image, and for what purposes it might be used.

Although it may not be necessary in all cases, we encourage our grantees and partners to get a signed photo release waiver from anyone who appears in photos or videos related to an MWMO-funded project. Here are the MWMO’s own photo release waiver forms, which you may download and use at your discretion:

When holding a large public gathering or event, it’s also a good practice to post a sign or two letting people know that a photographer is present. Here’s an example of a simple sign you might use:

Stock Photos

Below are links where you can find photos to use in presentations, educational materials, or project-related communications.

Please respect photographers’ copyrights. We strongly encourage the use of photos that are marked as being in the public domain or licensed through Creative Commons.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about photo permissions.

Minnesota-Specific Photos*

*Please credit photos to the appropriate agency.

Free Stock Photo Sources**

**Note: The MWMO does not endorse companies, products, or photographers. These links are provided only as a resource. There are many other stock photography sources.

Working with Consultants and Contractors

These resources may help your project run more smoothly.

Tips for Working with Consultants and Contractors (PDF, 0.2 MB, 7 pages)

This resource provides guidance on hiring and working with consultants and contractors after the award of a contract.

Requesting a Reimbursement or Payment from the MWMO

When requesting reimbursement from the MWMO in accordance with your signed project agreement, all relevant invoices and receipts should be included. Invoices should be attached to a grantee’s request for reimbursement rather than being sent directly to the MWMO from a contractor or consultant, unless those entities have a direct agreement with the MWMO. Invoices and receipts must reflect eligible costs as approved within the grant budget. The invoice should detail how the funds were spent. The purpose of the financial documentation is to provide reasonable assurance of the services/materials received (see sample invoice below).

The MWMO recommends discussing the invoice format with your contractors and consultants prior to the start of the project and making sure they are aware of the line items in the approved project budget.

Please contact MWMO staff if you’d like assistance in completing a request for reimbursement.

Sample Invoice (DOCX, 5 MB, 2 pages)

Maintenance Plan

This resource will help you develop a plan to ensure the long-term function of your project.

Maintenance Plan Development Guidance (PDF, 0.1 MB, 2 pages)