Mississippi River Green Team

The Mississippi River Green Team is a two-year employment and conservation program for Minneapolis youth between the ages of 14 and 16. The MWMO and the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board created the Green Team as an opportunity for youth to have a mentored job experience, learn about environmental careers and acquire new skills. The Green Team is a special environmental unit of the MPRB’s Teen Teamworks program.

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Green Team members come from North and Northeast Minneapolis. Typical daily activities include working to prevent water pollution, removing invasive species, building raingardens, planting trees and prairie plants, and assisting in citizen science projects. Youth have the chance to participate in the Mississippi River Green Team for two years, and after those two years, they are a part of a supportive network that works with them to help secure jobs to expand their skills and get them ready for the future.

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Michaela Neu
Youth and Community Outreach Specialist
mneu@mwmo.org or 612-746-4975


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A typical day of a Mississippi River Green Team member consists of working in locations full of fearsome predators: dragonflies!

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NPS Ranger David Wiggins talks to Connie Xiong (...) Connie was 15 when she started working with the "Mississippi Green Team" that Wiggins helped establish.

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I’ve always loved being outside, and the Mississippi River Green Team was my first real job. I enjoyed all the work we did, and seeing the results when we were finished. That’s when I realized I really loved working outdoors. As time went on, I was informed every year of new job opportunities thanks to the MWMO. Many doors were opened for me, and I also got many references.

Aaron McCalip, MRGT member, 2011-2013