The MWMO Stormwater Park and Learning Center hosts various art and educational exhibits throughout the year. Here are a few highlights:


Urban Boatbuilders

This summer, the MWMO is partnering with Urban Boatbuilders and East Side Neighborhood Services on a boat-building project here at our Stormwater Park and Learning Center. Over the course of nine weeks, members of the Mississippi River Green Team and teens from Menlo Park Academy will put in approximately 70 hours of work to build a beautiful skin-on-frame wooden canoe like the one pictured left.

In addition to developing new skills in woodworking and boatbuilding, the youth will gain experience with communication, teamwork, problem-solving and goal-setting. They will have the opportunity to work together toward a common goal and connect on a deeper level with local waterways by creating a vehicle with which they can travel on water.

Exhibit dates: June 2018- September 2018 (details)