East Side Storage and Maintenance Facility

A new City of Minneapolis public works facility will feature green space and innovative stormwater best management practices.


Project Details

City: Minneapolis

Type: Capital Project Grant

Status: Active

Timeline: 2018-2020

MWMO Funding: $550,000

Partners: City of Minneapolis, Metropolitan Council, HCM Architects, Floodplain Collective

Staff Contact:
Nancy Stowe
Projects and Outreach Director
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The City of Minneapolis plans to build its newest public works facility on a 9-acre site in Northeast Minneapolis. The MWMO will fund a variety of green infrastructure and innovative stormwater best management practices (BMPs) at the facility.

Known as the East Side Storage and Maintenance Facility (ESSMF), the site is located less than one mile from the Mississippi River. Public works operations have a large potential to impact water quality. Activities at the site will include: 1) storing, washing, and maintaining public maintenance trucks used for street cleaning, snow plowing and salting; and 2) storage of materials used in this work, including road maintenance sand and salt. The addition of stormwater BMPs on the site will ensure that these activities do not impact water resources.

A combination of above-ground and underground BMPs are planned for the facility. Green infrastructure like raingardens will capture and treat runoff from portions of the building’s roof. Possible underground systems include specially designed box culverts and other structures capable of storing and removing pollutants from captured runoff.

MWMO Capital Project Grant funds will be used to fund the green infrastructure and a portion of the underground storage, which will be above-and-beyond City of Minneapolis requirements for water quality treatment and rate control. MWMO funds will also be used to support interpretative signage, targeting a clean water message to visitors and employees at the site.

The project provides a unique opportunity to showcase innovative stormwater management not only to those passing by or immediately residing in the area, but also to public agency maintenance professionals.

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