Northeast Adopt-A-Drain Challenge: Stormdrain Saturdays in October

Over the month of October, the Northeast Adopt-A-Drain Challenge will be hosting in-person gatherings to help people sign up to keep stormdrains clean across Northeast Minneapolis. Coined “Stormdrain Saturdays,” these events will be held from 1p.m. – 3p.m. each Saturday. The meeting location is the block of 2600 Johnson Street NE, on the street, near the Audubuon Neighborhood Association office. Participants will move through neighborhoods to clean drains after that, and can also adopt their own drain.

The Northeast Adopt-A-Drain Challenge is funded by an MWMO Mini Grant and seeks to engage individuals and community groups in their own neighborhoods in adopting stormdrains. So far, the challenge has seen considerable success; 13 different neighborhood groups have joined the effort, resulting in the overall adoption of 210 drains through the summer. The challenge was initiated by Michelle Spangler (a Water Steward) and the Audubon Neighborhood Association, and partners with the City of Minneapolis, the Adopt-A-Drain Program (Hamline University), and the MWMO.

Adopt-A-Drain to Protect Water

A woman and child sit on a curb next to a cleaned storm grate.
A woman and child sit on a curb next to a cleaned storm grate.

Cleaning your stormdrains helps to keep trash, leaves, and debris from entering the stormdrains after a rainfall. Once in the sewer system, these potential pollutants accumulate in the Mississippi River and other water bodies, ultimately harming water quality and the ecosystems that rely on clean water. The Adopt-A-Drain Program is something anyone can join, no matter where you live in Minnesota.

Social Distancing and More Information

Given social distancing guidelines, these events will be held outdoors and those who hope to attend should wear a mask and maintain space between themselves and others who are not immediately a part of their family or friend circles. The events are focused on helping people sign up if they have not already, so make sure to bring your smartphone, and a rake and broom (gloves and bags will be provided if needed).

For more information, please contact

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