MWMO Awards Funding for Three Planning Grants

Projects Include Planning Work for Little Earth Pollinator Plantings, ZaRah Stormwater Management, and ‘Breakroom’ Pocket Park

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MINNEAPOLIS — The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO) is pleased to announce that it has awarded three new Planning Grants for future projects designed to protect and improve water quality and habitat.

Planning Grants help organizations plan, design and prepare for future water quality and habitat restoration projects. Part of the MWMO’s Stewardship Fund Grant program, Planning Grants support the development of technically-sound project designs and effective outreach that will help improve water quality through pollutant removal, effective public education, or other creative ways that encourage stewardship of our water resources.

Grant funding is awarded through a competitive process. The MWMO offers several types of grants for a range of projects both large and small. Details on upcoming grant application cycles can be found below.

New Planning Grant Projects

‘Breakroom’ Pocket Park

MWMO Funding: $15,700
Grantee: Midwest Skateboarding Alliance

A vacant lot underneath a Downtown Minneapolis skyway is envisioned as a new “Breakroom Pocket Park.” Plans for the space include a skatepark, meeting and eating places, art installations, enhanced lighting, and infrastructure for stormwater management. The MWMO Planning Grant will support soil and permeability tests, sun/shade study, stormwater modeling, and any other investigations deemed necessary by the engineering and design team to facilitate potential future green stormwater infrastructure. The lot is located at 2nd Avenue North between North 4th Street and North 5th Street in the Downtown West neighborhood of Minneapolis.

Partners: Damon Farber Landscape Architects, Downtown Improvement District, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, Minnesota Department of Transportation, Pierce Pini and Associates, Youth Coordinating Board, and Youthlink.

Little Earth Healing Roots and Native Pollinator Project

MWMO Funding: $15,483
Grantee: Metro Blooms

Planning is underway for a 6,000-square-foot pollinator planting area near the Little Earth housing complex and urban farm. Initial planning work, completed with an MWMO Community Grant, included community outreach and a site consultation. The Planning Grant will support outreach and incorporation of Community Grant outcomes, site assessment with Little Earth leadership, community input at gathering events, and creation of plan documents to prepare for project implementation.

Partners: Little Earth Residents Association

ZaRah Building Stormwater Management

MWMO Funding: $20,000
Grantee: Metro Blooms

The Black Women’s Wealth Alliance purchased the 1200 West Broadway building in North Minneapolis in order to renovate it and reopen it as ZaRah, a cultural wellness hub for black women entrepreneurs. An MWMO Planning Grant will fund outreach and design of a new stormwater management plan for the site to ensure the new design of the building captures and manages the water sustainably and in coordination with the existing water storage system, which was installed voluntarily prior to the building’s current ownership.

Partners: Black Women’s Wealth Alliance

Upcoming Grant Deadlines

Capital Project Grants

Capital Project Grants are designed to support final engineering and construction of large-scale, innovative projects that protect or improve water quality and habitat.

Next Application Deadline: Friday, August 26, 2022

Learn more:

Action Grants

Action Grants are available for water quality and habitat improvement projects significant in scope and cost. The grant amount may not exceed $50,000. Matching funds are required.

Next Application Deadline: Friday, November 4, 2022

Learn more:

Community Grants

Community Grants are available for short-term or small-scale water quality projects. The grant amount may not exceed $5,000. No matching funds are required.

Next Application Deadline: Friday, December 2, 2022

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Mississippi Watershed Management Organization
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