Edison Green Campus Photos/Press Kit

You are free to download and use any of these photos of the Thomas Edison High School Green Campus project. Please use the following attribution: “Courtesy Mississippi Watershed Management Organization.” (Note that you can choose from several different sizes to download.)

For more information, see our news release and project page.

Parking Lot

Edison High School parking lot before photo.

Note the new permeable pavement section. The drainage area beneath it can hold up to 21,500 gallons of captured stormwater runoff at a time. Also note the new native plant landscaping and public art installations.

Tree Trench

The tree trench in the parking lot at Edison High School, under construction in 2013.
During construction.
The newly installed tree trench in the parking lot at Edison High School.
The completed tree trench.

The tree trench in the high school’s parking lot captures and filters stormwater runoff — up to 25,600 gallons at a time. It is also fitted with water quality monitoring equipment that can be used by students and researchers alike.

Stormwater Reuse System

A worker guiding a section of the storage tank into place.
During construction.
Underground storage tank under construction at Edison High School
View showing the old plaza and rebuilt athletic field.

This underground storage tank holds stormwater runoff that drains from the gymnasium roof and the adjacent plaza. When full, this 110,000-gallon tank can hold enough water to irrigate the athletic field for up to two weeks without any additional rainfall.

Plaza and Community Garden

The new plaza at Edison High School.
The new greenhouse (left) and concessions building (right).
The new community garden at Edison High School.
The community garden, under construction.

Edison’s rebuilt plaza features a new concessions building, which also houses the pumps for the stormwater reuse system. A community garden and greenhouse will serve as a learning spaces for students, while a canopy of solar panels (to be installed in fall 2016) covering the plaza will provide enough energy to power up to 40 percent of the school’s electricity needs.

IB Biology Class

An engineer from Stantec with Edison High School IB Biology students.
IB Biology students and a Stantec engineer.
An engineer from Stantec with Edison High School IB Biology students.
Learning how to capture water quality samples.

The stormwater and energy features at Edison High School are designed to be integrated into the school’s academic programming. Edison’s International Baccalaureate classes have already incorporated some of the school’s stormwater infrastructure.

Athletic Field

A ribbon-cutting event for the new athletic field at Edison High School.
MWMO Board Chair Kevin Reich (left) and Minnesota Vikings Executive Vice-President Lester Bagley (center) at the ribbon cutting for the school’s new athletic field in 2015.
Edison High School athletes posing for a photo on the athletic field.
The Tommies, Edison High School’s football team.

Edison’s athletic field was rebuilt in 2015 with help from a grant from the Minnesota Vikings.

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