Kasota Ponds Wetlands: Summary of MWMO Monitoring Activities 2008–2017

MWMO Watershed Bulletin 2019-4


The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization has been monitoring the water quality of three wetlands, collectively called the Kasota Ponds, since 2008. The wetlands are located near the border of the cities of Lauderdale and St. Paul. Monitoring has included sampling each wetland once per month throughout the year as well as collecting biological data once every five years beginning in 2011. Bathymetric data for each wetland were collected during the winter of 2017. The purpose of this report is to compile and summarize the data that have been collected from the Kasota Ponds wetlands thus far and to recommend future monitoring and/or restoration activities that could help improve the wetlands as a source of urban wildlife habitat.


Brittany Faust; Jen Keville; Shanti Penprase; Rikita Patel; Brian Jastram; James Rudolph; Udai Singh

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Mississippi Watershed Management Organization. 2019. Kasota Ponds Wetlands: Summary of MWMO Monitoring Activities 2008–2017. MWMO Watershed Bulletin 2019-4. 53 pp.

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