Sharon DeMark

"The Quotidian Bicyclist," by Sharon DeMarkThe Quotidian Bicyclist
Watercolor, gouache, pen

Mississippi River Story* that Inspired the Art:

“I’m from South Saint Paul, Minnesota. And the Mississippi is great. I live up on a hill, so I’m like two blocks away from the Mississippi. I would always, there was summer where I would just bike down there, probably every single day. I would bike this certain path, and on it, I would find this little path that would lead to this tiny little peninsula which stretched out into the Mississippi river. And, that summer wasn’t the best summer for me. It was, there was a lot going on, to say the least, but it was easy to find peace in nature. And when you have the summer breeze and the rustling of the trees and the flowing of the huge strong body of water in front of you, it’s easy to clear your mind. I would sit there and bring a lunch and just hang out. I loved it. People complain about it being dirty, which I would agree, I would not want to swim in it, but it is still beautiful.”

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*Note: This is not the artist’s own story, but a story gathered through a collaborative research project. Learn more.