Mark Cosimini

"Lessons from the Mississippi River" by Mark Cosimini.
Lessons from the Mississippi River
Acrylic paint on cradled panel

Mississippi River Story* that Inspired the Art:

“My story with the Mississippi River is during one of my classes. We did a hike down by the river. And we got to the bottom, it was beautiful, it was in the fall, and it was an awesome day, and we were all super happy to be outside instead of in the classroom. But then we found a duck that had been…. um… whose stomach had been punctured by maybe glass, or a can, or something, and it was dying. And our professor, who is very into the naturalist scene, more than usual, had to like basically comfort this duck. And we had a class discussion about whether or not we should basically kill this duck – which was horrible. But in the end, it like led to a really awesome discussion about life and death and our responsibility to not only other animals, but also to our planet. And it was great to have the Mississippi River as like a seat to facilitate that conversation. And, yeah, I love the Mississippi.”

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*Note: This is not the artist’s own story, but a story gathered through a collaborative research project. Learn more.