Jason Arney-O’Neil

"The Neighbor," by Jason Arney-O’Neil. Acrylic.The Neighbor

Mississippi River Story* that Inspired the Art:

“My impression of the Mississippi River is that I remember thinking about it as this enormous body of water when I was a child, and thinking that crossing the Mississippi River would take days instead of being able to drive over it in minutes or in seconds in a car over a bridge.  And when I grew up in Wisconsin, and when I moved to Minnesota, I realized that the River is just next door.  It’s something that is grand in its entirety but has just become part of our neighborhood.  And I love the River.  I love seeing the water and seeing the eagles.  And it’s become something that I look forward to viewing every time I drive over it.”

Contact Information:

Email: jarneyoneil@gmail.com
Phone: 651-208-9055
Website: www.jarneyoneil.com

*Note: This is not the artist’s own story, but a story gathered through a collaborative research project. Learn more.