Barbara Bridges

"100 Steps to Paradise" by Barbara Bridges. Mixed media.100 Steps to Paradise
Mixed media

Mississippi River Story* that Inspired the Art:

“My story about the river is entering it down the bluff off of 33rd Street and West River Boulevard.  There’s an entrance called the hundred steps entrance, and it’s about (not quite) a hundred steps of limestone blocks entering, taking you down the bluff to the river’s edge, sandy shore.  I’d bring my kids down to that point, and they quickly learned how the river changes its levels throughout the year, because there’s either a lot of  beach or no beach.  And they can see all of the things that the river carries with it:  the good things like driftwood and also things that prompt a lot more questions like some pollution – plastics, bottles that we end up trying to pick up and taking back with us. That’s my river story.”

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Contact Information:

Phone: 612-845-0416
Director, Art to Change the World

*Note: This is not the artist’s own story, but a story gathered through a collaborative research project. Learn more.