Board Meeting Packet

Documents are made available on this page during the week prior to the next MWMO Board of Commissioners meeting. Below are the attachments for the upcoming meeting.

Full Packet

MWMO Board Meeting 20200908 (PDF)

Individual Documents

ATT 2.0 Draft Agenda 20200908 (PDF)
ATT 3.0 Draft Meeting Minutes July 20200908 (PDF)
ATT 4.1 CAC Appointment 20200908 (PDF)
ATT 4.1.1 CAC Selection Criteria Review Worksheet for Westlund (PDF)
ATT 4.1.2 CAC Signed Application by Westlund(PDF)
ATT 4.1.3 CAC Comm. Reich Support Email for Westlund(PDF)
ATT 5.0 Staff Updates 20200908 (PDF)
ATT 6.1 Levy TNT Certification 20200802 (PDF)
ATT 6.2 SF Planning Grants 20200908 (PDF)