Board Meeting Packet

Full Packet

Full Meeting Packet 20240514 (PDF, 945 KB, 26 pages)

Individual Documents

ATT 2 Agenda (PDF)
ATT 3 Meeting Minutes 20240514 (20240312 ) (PDF)
ATT 4.1 LMC Insurance Liability Coverage Waiver 20240514 (PDF)
ATT 4.1.1 Liability Coverage Waiver Form (PDF)
ATT 5 Staff Updates (PDF)
ATT 6.1 MNL for North Columbia 2-Year Maintenance (PDF)
ATT 6.2 St. Boniface (PDF)
ATT 6.3 Cordia Building Feasibility Study (PDF)
ATT 6.4 MWMO Building Security Upgrades (PDF)

Documents are made available on this page during the week prior to the next MWMO Board of Commissioners meeting.