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Stewardship Fund Program Under Review

The MWMO Stewardship Fund grant program is being evaluated at this time. We’ve been interviewing a number of past recipients and applicants to understand how the program might be improved to result in better projects and experiences for the applicants.

Programmatic changes are awaiting approval from the next board meeting in March.

Announcements regarding program changes will be posted on the MWMO website once the board approval is given.

Stewardship Fund Program

Water pollution comes from many different sources, including our everyday activities. How we care for our yards and grounds, wash and maintain our cars, and even dispose of pet waste can contribute to water pollution in the Mississippi River. The hard surfaces of our driveways, sidewalks, and pathways increase the amount of stormwater entering the stormdrains. There are many choices we can make to reduce these harmful impacts on water quality.

Become a partner organization with the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO) by applying for a Stewardship Fund grant to work together to improve water quality in the MWMO. The MWMO includes parts of Minneapolis, Saint Paul, the City of Saint Anthony Village, Lauderdale, Columbia Heights, Fridley, and all of Hilltop. View the MWMO boundaries.

Stewardship Fund Program Goals
The intent of the Stewardship Program is to extend the MWMO's ability to protect and improve water quality and natural resources through partnerships with organizations that create and increase local capacity to manage water and natural resources, demonstrate practices and methods to improve water and natural resources, and build community understanding, knowledge and participation in the stewardship of water and natural resources.

Projects funded through the Stewardship Fund Program should achieve the following:

1) Improve water and natural resources
Projects may reduce pollution (both point and non-point source) entering surface and groundwater, prevent flooding, lessen the effects of drought, increase the capacity of the watershed to store water, and/or restore or maintain habitat and native plant communities.

2) Build community understanding, knowledge and stewardship of water and natural resources
Projects should educate and engage people in the watershed regarding watershed issues, resulting in awareness and changed behaviors. Organizations receiving grants will increase their capacity to lead and promote water quality efforts.

For questions or more information, please contact MWMO Executive Director, Douglas Snyder, at dsnyder@mwmo.org

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