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Watershed Management Plan
2011-2021 Watershed Management Plan (text)
2011-2021 Watershed Management Plan (figures)
2011-2021 Watershed Management Plan (appendix)
Joint & Cooperative Agreement (pdf)
2011-2021 Watershed Management Plan: Updated Capital Improvement Scheduled (2012)

Monitoring Reports
2014 Annual Monitoring Report
2013 Annual Monitoring Report
2013 Sullivan Lake Monitoring Report
2012 Annual Monitoring Report
2011 Annual Monitoring Report
2010 Annual Monitoring Report
2009 Annual Monitoring Report
2008 Annual Monitoring Report
2007 Annual Monitoring Report
2006 Annual Monitoring Report
2005 Annual Monitoring Report

Annual Activity & Financial Reports
Annual Activity & Financial Report 2013
Annual Activity & Financial Report 2012
Annual Activity & Financial Report 2011
Annual Activity & Financial Report 2010
Annual Activity & Financial Report 2009
Annual Activity & Financial Report 2008
Annual Activity & Financial Report 2007
Annual Activity & Financial Report 2006
Annual Activity & Financial Report 2005
Annual Activity & Financial Report 2004
Annual Activity & Financial Report 2003
Annual Activity & Financial Report 2002

Annual Audit Reports
Annual Audit Report 2014
Annual Audit Report 2013
Annual Audit Report 2012
Annual Audit Report 2011
Annual Audit Report 2010
Annual Audit Report 2009
Annual Audit Report 2008
Annual Audit Report 2007
Annual Audit Report 2006
Annual Audit Report 2005
Annual Audit Report 2004
Annual Audit Report 2003
Annual Audit Report 2002

Assessing Attitudes, Perceptions and Behavior about Water in Minnesota's Hmong Community
The Bridal Veil Creek Subwatershed Desk Study
Connecting Knowledge, Attitudes And Behaviors Regarding Urban Water Quality (Part I Longfellow and Seward)
Building an Effective Strategy to Motivate Change in a Environmentally Positive Behavior (Part II Longfellow and Seward)
The Interchange Feasibility Study

The Drift Newsletter
Volume 9
Volume 8
Volume 7
Volume 6
Volume 5
Volume 4
Volume 3
Volume 2
Volume 1

New Building Resources
Education and Interpretive Concept Plan 2010

Community Newsletter Articles
Help Keep Our Water Clean: Do Your Spring Cleaning!
What does lawn fertilizer have to do with the Mississippi River?

Ways to Cut Back on Salt for Healthier Lakes and Rivers
Healthy Lawns, Healthy Waters
Use Less Water to Keep Your Grass Green!
Have an Idea for Improving Water Quality? Let Us Help!

Money (and Clean Water) Grows from Trees!

Stormwater Resources
After the Storm: A Citizen's Guide to Understanding Stormwater
Green Spaces Clean Water
Make Your Home the Solution to Stormwater Pollution
Protecting Water Quality from Urban Runoff

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