Emmy Baskerville

Projects and Grant Specialist Job Duties Capital Projects; Planning Grants; Action Grants; Project Design; Stormwater BMP Selection
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November, 2022

Previous Employer(s)

Houston Engineering, Inc.; Svoboda Ecological Resources; Minnesota Department of Agriculture (intern)


Bachelor of Science (Major: Plant Biology and Environmental Science), Minnesota State University, Mankato


Emmy Baskerville is the Projects and Grant Specialist for the MWMO. Emmy works with MWMO partners and communities to implement projects that meet the goals of the MWMO’s Watershed Management Plan, including capital projects and stewardship grants. She is particularly passionate about native plants, ecological restoration, and exploring the opportunities to create spaces for native species within our urban landscape. She has worked in the water resources fields for 17 years. Emmy holds a B.S. in Biology, Plant Science and Environmental Science from Minnesota State University — Mankato and is a Minnesota Certified Wetland Professional.