Seward Child Care Center

This child care center upgraded their facility with stormwater-friendly landscape features and programming.


Project Details

City: Minneapolis

Type: Action Grant, Planning Grant

Status: Completed

MWMO Funding: $59,515

Partners: House Green LLC; Earth Wizards, Inc.; Pangea Design; Ecological Strategies, LLC; TEI Construction

Staff Contact:

This project achieved the dual goals of capturing and treating stormwater runoff while creating educational opportunities for children. With help from a MWMO Stewardship Fund Planning Grant, the Seward Child Care Center designed a variety of stormwater treatment practices for their site. These included permeable pavements, native plantings and innovative “living walls” irrigated by rainwater pumped from an aboveground storage tank.

After the planning phase, the MWMO awarded the child care center a Stewardship Fund Action Grant to implement the project. In addition to treating stormwater, the site includes a variety of artistic and educational components designed to teach children about clean water issues. A teaching program called “Water Footprints” was developed to teach the center’s visitors and users about clean water, habitat and sustainability.