Lincoln Playground

A coalition of partners joined together to create a new collective vision for this neglected North Minneapolis playground.


Project Details

City: Minneapolis

Type: Other, Planning Grant

Status: Active

MWMO Funding: $10,000 (Planning Grant); $14,390 (Feasibility Study)

Partners: Northside Residents Redevelopment CouncilMinneapolis Public Schools; Lincoln Playground Work Group; Hennepin County; Blue Cross Blue Shield; Metropolitan Design Center; McKnight Foundation

Staff Contact:
Nancy Stowe
Projects and Outreach Director
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The Lincoln Playground is located next to a decommissioned public school and current charter school in North Minneapolis. The 6.34-acre site is highly impervious and has fallen into disrepair. With a renewed focus on the importance of safe and productive space for daily physical activity, as well as the potential to improve the stormwater treatment for this large site, a coalition of partners has joined together to create a new collective vision for the playground.

In 2015, an MWMO Stewardship Fund Planning Grant funded a series of three community-based workshops to gather input for future improvements to the site. This was the first stepping stone toward a larger outreach and feasibility initiative. With the workshops completed and additional community and funding partners on board, the MWMO is funding a portion of a larger feasibility study for the area immediately surrounding the school, as well as improvements that could make a more regional impact on stormwater management.

MWMO is also acting as a fiscal agent to allow the community partners to utilize funding from various sources to gather additional community input and prepare a preliminary design for improvements to the site. Funding to date has been provided by: Hennepin County Penn Avenue Community Works, the Metropolitan Design Center and McKnight Foundation, and a Blue Cross Blue Shield Active Places Demonstration Grant.

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