Watershed Assessment

The MWMO’s watershed assessment and research activities seek to develop a scientific base of knowledge that characterizes physical, chemical, cultural, historic, biological, social, economic, organizational and political resources of the MWMO to guide planning and management decisions in the watershed.


Historic Waters of the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization
2011 (PDF, 200 MB, 192 pages)

The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization requested the following historic study of the watershed to inform its planning and water resource management efforts. Results from this study are intended to provide a better understanding of the presettlement hydrology and ecology of the MWMO jurisdictional area and how alterations to the present day urban landscape have affected and are affected by natural features.

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A Guide to Bank Restoration Options for Large River Systems: Part II Bioengineering Installation Manual
2010 (PDF, 8 MB, 91 pages)

The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization has developed a guidance document and planning software for bank restoration on large river systems. Physical characteristics of the riverbank, along with predicted shear stresses across a full range of flows, are used to classify and recommend bio-engineering applications that restore and protect the riverbanks of the Mississippi River.

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A Mississippi Watershed Management Organization Watershed Assessment: Natural Resources Inventory and Minnesota Land Cover Classification System Mapping
2008 (PDF, 156 MB, 191 pages)

The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization retained the services of the Hennepin County Department of Environmental Services in 2006 to conduct an assessment of the land cover and natural areas for the watershed and a defined extended study area outside of the boundaries of the aforementioned watershed.

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The Bridal Veil Creek Subwatershed Desk Study: A Mississippi Watershed Management Organization Watershed Assessment
2006 (PDF, 43.6 MB, 102 pages)

The purpose of this study was to undertake a desk review and analysis of all known prior hydrologic and drainage studies; environmental and biological inventories, histories, pollution and ecosystem studies and reports; and other relevant materials and information on the Bridal Veil Creek watershed.

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