Good Neighbor Guide

The Good Neighbor Guide is an educational booklet developed by the MWMO. Designed for residents in urban areas, it explains how individuals can take action in their own yard and community to help make sure we all have clean water. Together, we can ensure a more promising future for our children, the ecosystems we rely on, and even those who live downstream from us.

Filled with fun graphics and simple, plain language, the Good Neighbor Guide is designed to be accessible to people with no prior knowledge of environmental issues. Although it offers tips on preventing water pollution at home, it is not a “how-to” manual so much as a field guide that explains “why” residents should care about protecting water quality and habitat. It explains how urban stormwater runoff carries pollutants to waterbodies and offers seasonal yard care tips and landscaping ideas to help trap pollutants before they reach the stormdrain.

How Can I Get One?

The Good Neighbor Guide is available to those who participate in a Good Neighbor presentation or tabling event by MWMO staff. The presentations and tabling are offered free-of-charge to neighborhood and civic groups, environmental organizations, schools, faith-based groups and other groups inside the Mississippi Watershed who wish to educate their members on how to protect water quality and habitat in their communities. Contact Tammy Schmitz to schedule a Good Neighbor presentation.

Our goal is for each participant to walk away from the Good Neighbor Guide presentation or tabling experience knowing:

  1. How water that falls on our properties and in our neighborhoods ends up in the Mississippi River.
  2. Examples of pollutants that end up in the river and describe how they get there.
  3. Examples of things residents can do to improve and protect water quality.

Download PDF Version (PDF, 21 pages, 7 MB)


Community members are invited to help us spread these tips to others by sharing good neighbor photos on social media with the hashtag #MWMOgoodneighbor.

Is your neighborhood or organization ready to take action to improve or protect water quality? The MWMO has resources to assist you with a Community Cleanup, sign up here!

Be a Good Neighbor

Want to know more about how you can be a #MWMOgoodneighbor? The MWMO is launching a new monthly email newsletter focused on actions you can take in your community to protect water quality and habitat. The Good Neighbor News will feature seasonal yard care tips and reminders, community cleanup events, workshops, and related news. We’ll also take time to recognize good neighbors who are environmental stewards in their communities.

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Nick Busse
Communications Principal or 612-746-4974

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