Professional Land-Care Training

The MWMO sponsors free training for land-care professionals, offering classes on both summer maintenance (turfgrass) and winter maintenance (snow and ice control).

These classes are intended to help maintenance professionals save money and reduce pollution by implementing eco-friendly practices. Those who successfully complete a training session can also receive a voluntary certification from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Trainings are paid for by the Clean Water Act, Section 319 Nonpoint Source Management Fund, and the MWMO.

Summer (Turfgrass Maintenance)

Topics include: best practices for mowing and seeding; fertilizer selection and application rates; when to use herbicides; and equipment calibration.

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Winter (Snow and Ice Control)

Topics include: salt and deicer application rates; storing materials; how to calibrate equipment; weather conditions; deicing and anti-icing; environmental effects; and new maintenance methods.

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