Eligibility Requirements

Eligible applicants for MWMO Stewardship Fund Grants include:

  • nonprofit organizations;
  • officially recognized neighborhood groups;
  • business and professional associations;
  • schools; and
  • local units of government.

Eligible applicants may not serve a dual role as project manager and project consultant. Individuals, private businesses and homeowner and condominium associations may partner with eligible applicants to apply.

Past grant recipients may only apply for funding for new projects not previously funded by the MWMO. A single property may be awarded the maximum amount of $63,000.00 (the equivalent of one Mini-Grant, one Planning Grant, and one Action Grant,awarded in any combination of grant types and in any order).

MWMO Stewardship Fund grants may not be used to fund projects installed only  to meet regulatory requirements. Projects may be initiated to meet a regulatory requirement; however, stewardship funds may only be used to fund portions of the project that create  water quality innovations that exceed those regulatory requirements.

Geographic Location

All project types should benefit people who live, learn, and/or work in or near the MWMO watershed. Physical projects must be located within MWMO boundaries or drain to receiving water bodies within the watershed.

Use your find your watershed app to determine whether you are in the MWMO watershed.

Applications that include improvements on private lands will be considered, but issues such as public access and the environmental benefits of the project will influence decisions. All projects completed on private land must provide  a public benefit.

More Information

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Stewardship Fund Grants Brochure (2016)
(PDF, 1.4 MB, 2 pages)