BWSR Academy Communication Resources

Thank you for attending my presentation, “Choosing the Right Medium for the Right Message!” I’ve created this page so you can find and download the resources I discussed during my session. Please note that I will remove this web page on Wednesday, November 27. You may want to download and/or bookmark any of the resources on this page before then.

Nick Busse, Communications Principal

Disclaimer: Please note that the MWMO does not endorse products or services. All links to third-party websites are provided solely for reference and/or as examples.

Presentation Materials


Communications Planning Guides and Tools

Social Media Demographics and Best Practices

Social Media Scheduling Tools

Website Tools

  • OptimalWorkshop — User research tools to help you design your website’s navigation menu
  • Monsido — Scans your site to look for broken links, misspellings, accessibility problems, etc.
  • Siteimprove — Everything Monsido does, plus some extras

Email Marketing Platforms

Free Stock Photos

*Please credit any photos used to the appropriate agency. Only used photos marked as being licensed through Creative Commons.